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Marine algae contains at least 12 kinds of vitamins, 11 minera? w, 4 important dyes, 14 non-bottom algae and less important for health acid in the case of gaskets and 18 non-bottom and less important amino acids for health?The mention of threats to our health is not accidental at all, because spirulina turns out to be worthwhile, and at the same time it is not a natural food supplement.Yna organic spirulina is a wonderful dietary supplement to support your health and vitality?An indication for the use of a dietary supplement is ch. ope’s daily diet in the mineral adjectives and vitamins contained in the supplement, which is intended to support the body’s natural resistance?It is considered the most effective dietary supplement.Spirulina protects against the development of kidney disease (it is a disease that will inflate).Spirulina has very large reserves of this pigment.Spirulina streamlines the work of the intestine and restores the natural flora of the digestive tract, destroys not only the bacteria of the e-coli and candida types.Tests confirm that it supports digestion and intestinal functions.As he mentions, research on spirulins does not show any negative effects in the side-effects of fish that consume this food.

HOW TO EAT CRUNCHES?Red blood cells supply oxygen to blood cells, and white blood cells provide immunity.Because of the typically algae taste (lightly syllable) I’m cutting the gamut after the spirulins powder and add it to the green cocktails.It’s worth it? or a spirulin with raw cocoa, turmeric or ginger.In addition, let’s make sure that you use the control spirulins? ilo? blanks.The spiruline powder is produced without any superficial adjuvants, why do you no longer need to take a dozen or so grams in the supplement, and it is enough to take a few to ten percent, depending on your needs and specific instructions?Spirulin available is in powder and tablets.Spirulina has a slightly mushroom taste, s. o. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. o. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. and vegetable cocktails.Spirulina is a specially bred edible strains of Spirulina Platensis seaweed algae.It is impossible to deny that algae is a great chance for our organism in the era of poisoning our body with toxins and metals with you.Algae s. a good cure for the wild and their regular intake slows down the aging process.Spiruline, if any, contains acid in the ton of gaskets, lower it and the cholesterol level.The acid content of these substances is present in the skin and vitamins have stimulation and regeneration properties.It contains: B vitamins, gamma linolenic acid, chlorophyll, minera? y, vitamins.

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Vitamin B12 is used in cancer prevention, it reduces stress, prevents anaemia and improves nervousness.It contains numberless quantites of vitamines from group B12 which support a natural purification of the organism from toxins.Spirulina can be beneficial not only for the acidified body but as an outstanding protein source it also contains all the essential amino acids.A lot of research suggests that spirulina can destroy cancer in humans and animals.A: Spirulin has the most common level of chlorophyll – eye? 1%.Chlorophyll is known for its purification and detoxification.Helps to reduce blood sugar levels and levels of cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride.This is particularly beneficial for diabetics because it reduces inflammation, blood and cholesterol.Antiviral calcium contained in this ro? make the line use it healing in flu, r? hives, urticaria and other such infections.There is no single definition of what is super food? but all? Is it one thing: it is food of natural origin and it has been recognised (on the basis of the food) that it can easily be seen in food.The price of the spirulina is r. o. p. m. above all because of the large amount in what form it appears.Selection of the packaging of the spirulin is dictated by the amounts? how can it be spent on the preparation?

At the laboratory level, antiviral? activity against herpes virus and influenza has been demonstrated.The advantages of Hawaiian spiruline are not a catchy marketing description.Spirulin cultivation requires professional equipment?At the beginning of your algae adventure you will have a pleasure to spend after the spirulins and chlorella.On the other hand, we have to keep it at a time when the spirulina is still very popular, because it is dictated by the efforts of the companies that want it to be sold?It is able to purify the urinary tract and eliminate the risk of developing so-called stones?It is successfully used in home cosmetics as well as in biological regeneration and SPA salons and in professional beauty salons.Supplementing it in the training area will increase the synthesis of new ones in my cannons and prevent catabolism?By.This theory of theories has been developed by the various groups of nutrients that are sometimes needed for digestion and the chemical environment required for this purpose.It is rich in lamb groats and bananas.Chlorella contains a unique CGF (Chlorelli growth agent) complex to support repairs and protect against damage.

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